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PMU New Year's Eve Party Supplies 2024 Party Kit for New Year's Eve Decorations Supplies, Outfits for Adults, Men and Women

Original price $24.99 - Original price $1,629.99
Original price
$24.99 - $1,629.99
Current price $39.99
Color: Black/Silver
Size: Pkg of 10
Make your New Year's celebration truly unforgettable with our New Year Celebration Kits, available in a range of sizes to suit gatherings of all magnitudes! Each kit is meticulously crafted to bring a touch of glamour, excitement, and joy to your festivities. Whether you're hosting an intimate get-together or a grand party, our comprehensive kits are designed to cater to your specific needs.
Our New Year Celebration Kits are not just accessories; they are the key to creating a stylish, fun, and memorable celebration. Choose the pack size that fits your guest list, and let the festivities begin! Cheers to a fantastic New Year filled with joy, laughter, and stylish revelry!
  • 6-Person Pack: Perfect for smaller gatherings, our 6-Person Pack ensures that every attendee is adorned in style. This kit includes a selection of top hats, tiaras, foil horns, serpentine throws, noise makers, and other accessories like leis and bead necklaces. It's the ideal choice for an intimate celebration with your closest friends and family.
  • 10-Person Pack: Celebrate in style with our 10-Person Pack! This kit is designed for medium-sized gatherings, providing an assortment of accessories to ensure that each participant is ready for the countdown. Create a festive atmosphere with top hats, tiaras, noise makers, and more, making it a joyous occasion for everyone involved.
  • 25-Person Pack: Liven up your New Year's bash with our 25-Person Pack! Ideal for larger gatherings and small parties, this kit offers a variety of accessories to deck out your guests in celebration gear. From elegant tiaras to playful noise makers, this pack ensures a vibrant and stylish start to the New Year.
  • 50-Person Pack: Host a grand celebration with our 50-Person Pack! Perfect for sizable gatherings, this kit provides an extensive array of accessories to dress up your guests in festive flair. Make a statement with top hats, tiaras, serpentine throws, and more, ensuring a visually spectacular and lively New Year's celebration.
  • 100-Person Pack: Go all out with our 100-Person Pack, designed for the most extravagant celebrations! This comprehensive kit includes an abundance of top hats, tiaras, foil horns, serpentine throws, noise makers, and additional accessories like leis and bead necklaces. Create an atmosphere of grandeur and festivity as you welcome the New Year with a large crowd. 
Elevate your New Year's celebration to extraordinary heights with our Grand New Year Celebration Kits, available in a range of expansive sizes to accommodate gatherings of all scales! Each meticulously curated kit is designed to infuse style, joy, and festivity into your monumental celebrations. Whether you're organizing a massive event or hosting an unforgettable party, our comprehensive kits are tailored to meet the needs of the most extensive guest lists.
  • 100 Person Pack: Kick off the New Year with grandeur using our 100 Person Pack! This comprehensive kit ensures that every one of your guests is adorned in festive finery. From elegant top hats and sparkling tiaras to lively noise makers and serpentine throws, this pack guarantees a stylish and vibrant celebration for sizable gathering.
  • 300-Person Pack: Make a bold statement with our 300 Person Pack, perfect for large-scale celebrations! This kit provides an abundance of accessories, including top hats, tiaras, foil horns, serpentine throws, noise makers, and more. Your guests will revel in the collective excitement and style that this pack brings to your New Year's event.
  • 600 Person Pack: Host an epic celebration with our 600 Person Pack! Tailored for grand occasions, this kit features an extensive array of accessories to ensure that every participant is part of the spectacular revelry. From dazzling tiaras to eye-catching serpentine throws, this pack turns your New Year's celebration into a truly unforgettable experience.
  • 1200 Person Pack: Go above and beyond with our 1200 Person Pack, crafted for the most massive celebrations! This kit is a spectacle in itself, offering an incredible assortment of top hats, tiaras, foil horns, serpentine throws, noise makers, and additional accessories like leis and beads necklaces. Transform your venue into a festive paradise and create memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Our Grand New Year Celebration: Kits are not just accessories, they are the key to orchestrating an extraordinary celebration for a multitude of guests. Choose the pack size that matches the scale of your event, and get ready to usher in the New Year with unparalleled style, excitement, and jubilation. Cheers to a magnificent celebration and a year filled with joy and prosperity
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